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At Parallel Management, I am driven not only by the little things that make me successful but also by the commitment I put towards in making a difference in overseeing the management of high-profile artists, clients, C-level executives and events/projects.  I manage hundred if not thousands of details with good grace and aplomb.  My leadership is essential to a smooth and successful operation.

My tenured career has allowed me to become an integral role player in understanding required expectations, overseeing assigned day-to-day responsibilities, working well under pressure – all while resisting stress – and given me a proven track record of varietal cross-industry interfacings.  I have designed and built my career around being well-balanced strategic thinker, offering a sophisticated mix of proficiency and a keen understanding of relationship management, having strong, competent leadership skills and the ability to handle heavy workloads.  I employ strong communication and organizational expertise, am self-driven and efficient, offer heightened attention to detail and the ability to make ambitious but rational choices. 

I enjoy working in a fast paced, changing environment, am loyal, trustworthy and honor confidentiality.  I always bring a fresh mindset and remain flexible, responsive and reliable.


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